Miniature magic wands and Wizard’s walking sticks

Miniature magic wands and Wizard’s walking sticks.

I have been playing recently with mixed media and made some miniature magic wands and wizard’s walking sticks. I used polymer clay, wood, glass, glass eyes. Then all I had to is to use my imagination, put it together, embellish, paint, varnish etc.



Miniature wizard’s walking stick, magic wand, wood, polymer clay, glass dragon eye, laser engraving. Fantasy dollhouse miniatures 1:12 scale


This is miniature wizard’s walking stick / magic wand.

Made out of wood and polymer clay, painted.
Wood part has laser engraved sentence:

“Those who don’t believe in magic- will never find it”.

This sentence is convex and gold coloured (treated with special medium for that purpose).

It has a glass dragon eye (yellow) at the top.

It measures around 13.5 cm (5.31 inch).

Miniature wizard's walking stick

Miniature wizard’s walking stick


Miniature wizard’s walking stick, magic wand with green glass stone, horns. Dollhouse miniatures, fantasy setting, 1:12 scale, 1 inch scale.

This is miniature wizard’s walking stick / magic wand.
Made out of wood and polymer clay, painted.
It has been carefully shaped, it has twisted look of old wooden stick with two horns and beautiful green glass stone.
It measures around 14.5 cm (5.7 inch).

Miniature wizard's walking stick with horns and green glass stone

Miniature wizard’s walking stick with horns and green glass stone

Few more…


Autumn and halloween 2015 miniatures

Autumn and halloween miniatures 2015

Some miniature creations for autumn and halloween 2015

Here is bunch of miniatures I have made for autumn season and also halloween.

Miniature butterfly display and fantasy oddities

Miniature butterfly display and few other oddities

I have had ideas to make some miniature butterfly displays and oddities like that for awhile. Well, much more are still waiting on my “want to do list”. But anyway, here is something I have made lately. Idea with making something like that is fine, looks cool (or not- a matter of taste) but these butterflies are made out of paper, printouts etc. I am no friend of hurting living creatures in order to admire their beauty. I would never ever hurt real butterfly and any other animal and they should stay alive and free. That’s just for the record 🙂

Miniature Steampunk books


Miniature Steampunk books
steampunk group_small

Today some miniature leather books in Steampunk style. Most of them is made in 1:12 scale.



Miniature 1:12 scale Steampunk Books

Brown leather, raised bands, steampunk components used for cover decoration, faux text block with gold gilt.


Brown leather,  light red colour text block, rounded spine with three raised bands, spine decorated with steampunk components, two leather stripes as a faux closing.


Text block made out of clay then painted, brown leather cover.


Dark red leather, four raised spines.


and few smaller than 1:12 scale


tiny journal

one of the books is slightly larger than 1 inch scale and measures 3 cm x 3,3 cm

black leather, decorated front cover, unique closing with sprocket wheel, all pages legible



Miniature leather bound books 2014

This is a section with a miniature books which I made in 2014. 


Miniature red journal    

(smaller version 3,3 cm x 4cm)                                             

(bigger version 4,5 cm x 5,5 cm)

Book of dark arts- black

Brown leather book with feather

Brown steampunk book

Closed polymer clay book


Black book with brass skull


Another black decorated book

 Blue steampunk


Green witch book


Red steampunk book


Open polymer clay book


Open faux leather book of magic


Claret steampunk book


Book of dark arts- red

 Red sleepy hollow book

Another red steampunk book

Mixed media trees

A mixed media fantasy sculpture of tree which is about 20 cm high and made out of polymer clay, air dried clay, wood filler, potpourri, paper, glitter glue, ink, rubber stamp, varnish. I used also a wire armature and tree is painted with acrylics paint.


And another tree (maybe I will continue and make a tree series? ) which I wanted to show you. Tree is around 20cm x 7cm and I used a air dry clay, acrylic paint, wire, rope and candle glass jar. I called it “moody tree” as it has a happy and sad face; dual and moody nature as each of us.